Welcome to KNOW BREXIT and Knowing EU


The UK referendum on membership of the EU took place on 23 June 2016.  Prior to that date, this website was run as www.artsIN.eu as a platform for those in the arts & culture sector (and their friends and supporters) to support the Remain vote.  However, the result was 52% in favour of Leave.

This new website, KNOW BREXIT, aims to be a platform for the arts & culture sector (and their friends and supporters) to explore and understand the implications of the Brexit vote.  More information will be available shortly.

The first series of free KNOW BREXIT meetings have now been announced – in Canterbury (16 Nov), Wolverhampton (24 Nov) and Liverpool (1 December) – click here for more info and here to book your free place.

This website also provides a Blog where Geoffrey Brown and others will add their thoughts (and where you can add your comments), a Resources page, where you can find links to a range of information & resources.

Please click Supporters and add your name to those who wish the UK to remain as close as possible to the EU!

There is also a twitter feed – @knowbrexit.


Knowing EU

Knowing EU is a show that was developed by Geoffrey Brown, Director of Euclid (www.euclid.info) and was presented before the referendum at the Brighton Fringe (23 May to 5 June), Manchester (12, 16 & 17 June) and London (20-22 June).

A revised version of the show was then presented at the Edinburgh Fringe from 5-27 August – this was a sell-out show, with positive reviews and audience feedback, and the show may well be presented again in 2017 – watch this space!

There is also a twitter feed – @knowingEU.