Know Brexit – the show!


Edinburgh Fringe: 4-26 August at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (venue 53) at 4.05pm (50 mins) – tickets are £10 (£8.50 concessions).  You can book tickets via the Edinburgh Fringe website or by calling 0131 510 2384 or by emailing

“Friends, Brexiteers, UKIP … I come to bury the EU not to praise it…”

Except the EU is not dead (well, not yet) and, whether we want it or not, some sort of relationship will continue to exist.  This show will consider the institution the UK is leaving and explore some of the questions facing the future of the UK as we head for the sunny uplands of “complete independence” from the EU (even though trade with the EU will mean abiding by most of their existing rules and regulations) and “complete separation” from the European Court of Justice (though they may continue to be a court of arbitration for any future deals with the EU) and a massive reduction in immigrants (even though trade deals with countries outside the EU will involve freedom of movement for some of their citizens) and £350m a week extra for the NHS (even though it is now agreed that the correct figure was £276m and most of this will go to farmers and fisherpersons)…

“The course of EU love never did run smooth…”

Geoffrey Brown returns after presenting “Knowing EU” at the Fringe festivals in Brighton and Edinburgh, 2016 – ‘clever mixing of humour with a stream of enlightening facts’ (, ‘engaging, informative, diverse and often surprising’ ( – and at the Adelaide Fringe 2017.

“The Brexiteers doth protest too much, methinks…”

“Know Brexit” comes to Edinburgh following a week at the Brighton Fringe 2017, where the Public Reviews said:

“Reminiscent of Peter Snow on performance enhancing drugs … Brown is an excellent presenter … the crowd come away with their brains jangling but much better informed”

In his new show, Geoffrey will try and simplify the key issues and questions, while not ignoring the surreal nature of the entire exercise – where a decision to leave the EU could lead to the breakup of the UK, where the impact on the number of immigrants could actually be minimal, where the specifics of trade deals with countries like the US (“America First!”) are hardly likely to benefit the UK, and where we may still be subject to the European Court of Human Rights.

“Let us sit upon the ground and tell some stories of the deaths of dreams…”

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even discover a bit more about the EU and about some of those Remoaner and Brexiteer claims masquerading as “facts” and “truths”…

“Lord, what fools these British be …”

After 20 years working within the wonderful world of the EU, as a consultant and contractor, Geoffrey Brown has decided it is time to share an insider’s perspective of what is going on, to add a bit of (entertaining) sanity to the Brexit process.  Though new to the world of fringe festivals, he has made hundreds of EU presentations to audiences across the UK and Europe over the past 15 years, and has consistently received great audience feedback: “enjoyable”; “lively and amusing”; “witty and informative”; “speaker was fantastic”; “I could listen to Geoffrey Brown all day! I think he could make any subject interesting…”

Come along to Know Brexit and expand your knowledge and understanding of what is going on and where it may all end…