Knowing EU – a show about the EU

knowingeu_logoOUTBrighton Fringe: 23 May to 5 June at Sweet Waterfront 2 (at the Waterfront Hotel, venue 18) at 6.30pm (50 mins) – you can book tickets here.

Manchester: 12, 16 & 17 June at Hope Mill Theatre at 7.30 pm (50 mins followed by debate with guest speaker)

Edinburgh Fringe: 5-27 August at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (venue 53) at 4.05pm (50 mins) – you can book tickets by calling 0131 510 2384 or by emailing or via the Edinburgh Fringe website.

There’s a referendum on 23 June – should the UK be IN or OU?

Take time out from the claims and counter-claims to just laugh, weep and be amazed at what the EU is really up to…

Knowing EU will take a light-hearted look at the facts and foibles of the EU – the successes and failures – the good, the bad and the ugly.

You’ll hear about the member countries, where the money comes from (and where it goes), what it costs the UK, what freedom of movement really means (all those migrants!), the trade implications and whether we can be like Norway, and a little about sovereignty.  There will even be time to hear more about some of the key “facts” presented by certain newspapers – that cows will need to wear nappies, that we will all have to drink less coffee, that beaches will be banned, that we can no longer take pictures of monuments and artworks…

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – you may even discover a bit more about the EU and about some of those “facts” and “truths” presented by the IN/OUT campaigners.

Geoffrey Brown will premiere his new one-man show at the Brighton Fringe – after 20 years working within the wonderful world of the EU, as a consultant and contractor, he has decided it is time to share an insider’s perspective of what really happens, to add a bit of (entertaining) sanity to the “debate” before the 23 June referendum.  Though new to the world of fringe festivals, he has made hundreds of EU presentations to audiences across the UK and Europe over the past 15 years, and has consistently received great audience feedback: “enjoyable”; “lively and amusing”; “witty and informative”; “speaker was fantastic”; “I could listen to Geoffrey Brown all day! I think he could make any subject interesting…”

Come along to Knowing EU and you may even think again about that vote you will be casting on 23 June…